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Project Name: Out of Province Residents (OOPr) | Family Medicine

This project supports the following IPRR strategies:

  • enhance recruitment of Canadian and International Medical Graduates 

  • enhance engagement of Medical Students and Family Medicine Residents.

The IPRR network recognized a gap in support for out of province residents seeking a rural rotation in the Interior of BC.  The purpose of this webpage is to provide out of province family medicine residents with the information required to arrange rural rotations within BC's Interior.  


This site went live in August 2022 and we will continue to improve. If you have feedback or suggestions, please let us know.   We will keep improving and expanding upon the information below.  

Thank you,

The IPRR Network 

Elective Opportunities 

Family Medicine Electives

Family medicine rural electives are available in the Interior of BC for UBC and out of province family medicine residents.  If you are a UBC Family Practice Resident, please visit this page.   If you are an out of province family medicine resident and interested in arranging an elective at one of the locations below, please click the relevant Contact Us.  This will put you in touch with the local Divisions of Family Practice.


Note: follow the Rural Elective Checklist when setting up your rotation. If you are interested in arranging an elective in a rural community not listed below, please contact

We look forward to welcoming you!


Family Practice can be combined with Addictions or Hospitalist Medicine.

Creston jpg

Family Practice can be combined with Emergency Medicine.


Family Practice can be combined with Long-Term Care, Emergency Medicine, Aboriginal Health or Maternity Care.


Family Practice can be combined with Emergency Medicine.


Family Practice can be  combined with Emergency Medicine.


Family Practice can be  combined with Emergency Medicine.


Family Practice can be combined with Emergency Medicine.


Family Practice combined with Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Medicine

Interested in an Emergency Medicine Elective?

Click the Contact Us link below and we will assist you with setting up the rotation. 


South Okanagan General Hospital (Oliver)

Your experience in this rural emergency department will challenge you to learn to provide emergency care to patients living in a rural community. SOGH ED staff consists of a mixed bag of FRCPC, CCFP-EM, and local family physicians. Our rural emergency department sees on average 35-50 patients per 24 hours. Residents are typically scheduled for day shifts from 8am - 4pm or overnight shifts from 10pm - 6am. There is a LLTO (life, limb, threatened organ) protocol in place from 10pm-6am where you only see CTAS 1s or 2s. 

Our ED has two RNs on shift in addition to a dedicated triage nurse from 9am - 7pm. We have lab and x-ray available on site, with access after hours if needed. Our hospital is well supported by our nearest referral centre, Penticton Regional Hospital for imaging and specialty services.   

Keremeos jpg

South Similkameen Health Centre (Keremeos)

The South Similkameen Health Centre offers a wide variety of experiences for the rural resident. It is an interdisciplinary centre including emergency services, doctor's office, lab, x-ray, physio, public health, mental health, drug & alcohol counselling, social work services and long-term/home care services as well as a Diabetic Nurse Specialist & Dietician.  It is a five physician run clinic and during your rotation you will work in the following capacity, including but not limited to: Urgent Care, Emergency Care Physician (no nurse after hours) as well as partake in the on-site doctor's office care patients during regular business hours (8:30am - 5pm) and long-term care services.

williams lake

Cariboo Memorial Hospital (Williams Lake)

Our ER welcomes residents.  We have a high-volume, high-acuity single-coverage ER.  We often see 25-30 patients per shift.  Residents are welcome to pick and choose patients they feel have the greatest learning potential.  We will support residents in leading codes and resuscitations, performing procedural sedation and a wide range of procedures.  We do lots of orthopedic reductions and a decent amount of intubations, central lines and arterial lines.  We take only 1 resident at a time with the intent that all good ER cases are for that resident while they are here.  We will call you in for cool cases if you are off shift.  

We work 8 hours shifts and don't schedule residents for overnight shifts given the volume is typically lower.  Excellent competent collegial group of ER nurses.  Our ER is supported by general surgery, pediatrics, anesthesia, obs/gyne, addictions service and internal medicine on call.  On site CT and ultrasound.  Kamloops is our referral center.


All full-time local ER doctors and most locums are CCFP(EM).  We see so much pathology here and do little geriatrics.  Come spend some time with us, it's a great department for learning. 

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