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Family Medicine Resident Rural Elective Checklist



Please follow the checklist below when arranging Rural Resident Electives within the Interior of BC. It is recommended that residents arrange their electives four months in advance of the rotation start date. 


Request Rural Elective Rotation

Choose a Rural Elective Opportunity and contact the Division of Family Practice office with your elective request. Please provide the following information:


  • Full Name

  • Contact Information

  • Residency Site & PGY Level

  • Requested Elective Dates

  • Elective Type & Learning Objectives

  • Time off Requests during rotation

The Division of Family Practice office will confirm if the elective request is approved and put you in touch with the Family Practice Preceptor(s) once the request has been approved. 

IMPORTANT: UBC Family Medicine Residents are required to advise the UBC Rural Liaison Office that they are completing a rural elective within the Interior to ensure there is no elective scheduling conflicts and so preceptors are paid for teaching residents. 

Once the elective has been approved, please notify the Family Practice Preceptor(s) if:

  • Your home site requires an elective request form to be signed

  • Evaluation requirements (i.e. does the preceptor need to complete an end of rotation evaluation)


Apply for Elective with UBC PGME Office

This applies to Out of Province Family Practice Residents only. 

Applications must be submitted to UBC a minimum of 8 weeks in advance of the elective start date. Residents will receive an Elective Confirmation Letter from UBC PGME once the rotation has been approved. 

Questions about the application process should be directed to: 


Arrange Accommodation

It is suggested that you arrange accommodation in advance especially during peak seasons. 

You can find a list of available accommodations by emailing or ask your contact at Division of Family Practice to assist you with this. When emailing Divisions for accommodation options, please provide details: budget, type of accommodation required, pet-friendly etc. 

If you are a UBC Family Practice Resident, you may be entitled to Postgraduate Rural Elective Financial support through REAP. 


Request Rotation Schedule

Connect with your Family Practice Preceptor(s) or Clinic to request your rotation schedule approximately one month in advance of the rotation start date. 


Hospital Access

If you are working at an Interior Health Authority Hospital (e.g. Emergency Rotation, Family Practice Rounds etc.) you will need to ensure that you have appropriate access (computer + network access, temporary access card etc.). Please ask your Division of Family Practice contact to connect you with the Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA) at the hospital you will be working at.  


Request Temporary Pathways Access

Ask your Divisions of Family Practice contact to provide you with temporary access to Pathways BC

Pathways is an online resource that provides physicians and their office staff/teams quick access to current and accurate referral information, including wait times and areas of expertise of specialists and specialty clinics. Pathways can also provide access to hundreds of  patient and physician resources, as well as community service and allied health information that is categorized and searchable. 

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